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Compounding Medication

Greenbusch Pharmacy provides solutions for challenges such as:

·  Patient non-compliance, which means the patient is either unable or unwilling to use the medication as directed.

·   Patients experiencing issues such as:

Stomach upset when taking oral medication.

Reluctance to take the medication due to its taste.

Difficulty swallowing pills.

Requiring a different dose of medication than that which is available from a manufacturer.

Patients who don’t want to take medication at all, especially children or pets.

·  Many patients are allergic to preservatives or dyes, or require a dosage that is different from the standard drug strengths.

Working closely with the patient and the prescriber, compounding gives Greenbusch Pharmacy the means to customize medication to meet the individual needs of each patient.


With a physician’s consent, Greenbusch Pharmacy can:

·   Adjust the strength of a medication

·  Avoid unwanted ingredients, such as dyes, preservative, lactose, gluten, or sugar.

·   Add flavor to make the medication more palatable

·  Prepare medications using unique delivery systems. For patients who find it difficult to swallow a capsule, a compounding pharmacist may prepare the drug as a flavored liquid suspension instead. Other medication forms include topical gels or creams that can be absorbed through the skin, suppositories, sublingual troches, or even lollipops.


Compounded prescriptions are ideal for any patient requiring unique dosages and/or delivery devices.

Our compounding applications include:

·      Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

·     Pain management

·      Men's Health

·      Dermatology and Anti-Aging

·      Dentistry

·      Hospice

·      Sports medicine

·      Wound therapy

·      Infertility

·      Pediatrics

·      Medication flavoring

·      Ophthalmology

·      Otic (for the ear)

·      Neuropathy

·      Veterinary

·      Podiatry

·      Gastroenterology

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